whatever this is, I don’t know much. I know it is about now and what comes next.

I’m not a poet, so my friends that are poets should know and give their explanation, and if it is jargons, so let it remain till someone can attribute meanings to its meaning.


The lamp goes out

Noise, panick, everywhere

It was dusk, the moon

Peeks through the curtains

Of the sky

Rogues of night

Skirt through the air

Their ragged wings

Whizzing a trail behind them

Sometimes zig-zag they go

Sometimes they whirl and swirl

In a spiral chase

Carrying with them ghouls

Of hapless souls

Ready to part

With the helpless world



The trees sway  

In a dance this way

And that

To the music of the wind

Blowing softly

Like the billowing of the sky

When the sea roars

Its garrish.

The garrish villagers assembled

Before the dibia

A question, all they ask

Why does the lamp go out?

The wish of the gods, answered 

The little man with white eyelids



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