My thoughts rushed straight to my fingers while I’m on my phone, there’s little room for smoothening or refining but I do hope that you learn something from this very short piece.


Resilience means staying true to passion, conviction and purpose in the midst of persecution.

Resilience means in the worst case scenario, I will adapt but remain original. It means not giving up or considering giving up as an option.

Resilience is what enables great men go through wilderness, survive, and come out without the bitterness that twist and pollute the hearts and minds of many.
Resilience is what gives age and maturity to your faith. Abraham was resilient in that he waited and continued in faith even when the obvious was saying impossibility.
Resilience is about holding on and never backing down just because Goliath challenges you. Resilience means daring believe in life when death threatens the very fabric of your faith.
Resilience means persistent hope, consistent expectations, violent faith.
Resilience means being teachable and humble. It is about developing your character even when the tests shows you don’t have it and therefore you are not qualified.
Resilience is saying you will be qualified before the end of season and your position will come begging for you.

Resilience is a must have trait for every leader. For everyone who wants to make a difference in this world.



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