I’m not a good guy

ā€‹I’m not a good guy

I’m not a good guy

And that’s what I meant

I’m not a good guy 

No matter how you choose

To see it

I may be honest

Faithful or loyal or trustworthy

I may believe in your dreams

Or do everything

Within my strength to 

Make your dream a reality

I’m not a good guy

I may be a perfect gentleman

Look good and talk well

I may have great dreams

And visions of grandeur

Or execute projects others only


I’m not a good guy

No not at all.

I may be nice, cultured and composed

I may be diligent, upright and courageous

I may be the very model of ethics   And moral and culture

I may be the perfect kid you never had or the husband or boyfriend 

You have always dreamt of Or the kind of man you

Would love to call your father

But I’m still not a good guy.

Of this I know.

Even if I’m deep in spirituality or considered to be a great man of faith

Or have done miracles

Even if I make peoples life better, invent beautiful things

Advocate for liberty and I’m martyred

I’m still not a good guy

That’s because no matter how much good we do

Our good cant make us good. So it is that no man is good for;

Whatever I am or have become is a gift, an opportunity…

For which I should be thankful

No child is born evil or good

No, they have no concept of such

It is us, who taught them by what we do or failed to do

It is us who showed them the potentials of our capabilities

To multiply good or create devastations of great magnitude

We learnt it, base on where we are and from whence we come from.

The same way I was born

Years ago in Africa is the same way the suicide bombers in Syria were born. The same way.

Its the same way that the poor hermit on the streets of Zanzibar 

Came into this world that the duke of Windsor came in.

What I am saying?

Life is a privilege, whether its the robber on the right or the murderer on the left

But then, in the darkest of places in the murkiest quagmire of this world, some souls emerge

Who manifests something so indescribable…so wondrous

They become beacons; lights through which we see good

And know that real good is fully appreciated when there’s Real evil.

#life #privilege #responsibilty


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