Talking about this point and all that other stuff I want to say.

This point:

This point of my life is what I termed “#phone-writing”

The days of writing with phone.

Its not that bad though, but its limiting in that arranging what is written becomes laborious.

Most times I don’t have enough power to stay online and write. Or edit very well what I have written, all I am left to do is edit after post.

And now that I have decided to hit the milestone of #1000 posts by December 31st 2016, I must be committed to posting at least four posts a day.


That’s a lot for someone like me. But then, no more excuses.

I have announced it and I expect to be held accountable for it.

Anything short of the milestone is unacceptable.

Certain bounds have to be broken no matter the constraint and this time; I am breaking this.

Whether I got my laptop back to write from comfort (not necessarily) or I’m stuck with my 512mb ram Huawei y336–well, I gotta keep going.

Its high time I consider writing a book using this same phone.

I mean, why wait?

Good things come to those who wait?

No, those who wait remain there while those who work get the good stuffs.

I’m a staunch believer in God, and I will wait on Him and for Him as the case may be.

But waiting for something to happen is no longer in my Christian philosophy, I have realised that God wants us to make things to happen.

And that’s it. Heaven is not interested in how long you wait. Life is not interested in that either. Let me tell you what interests God: how you have invested the time you were given.
We all are given time…no matter how long or short…

We will be held accountable for how we invest or squander it.

There are businesses that fail

There are businesses that exploit people to make profit

There are businesses that polluted the earth

There are businesses that create more problems than they solve

There are….

Every one is placed on different scales on how they have invested their resources.

I believe the biggest capital given us is time.

And our greatest resource is our mind.


I’m not gonna sloth away my time waiting for what I already have.

No matter your limitation; there’s a way. You only need to find it.

So, I have made the announcement, milestone  #2, for my social media activities this year: #1000 blog posts by December 31, 2016. (The other one was 1000 tweets, today! I’m still celebrating)

Its a reasonable goal pals. All I have to do is post four blog posts per day. Kpim! (Pronounce that if you can).

And there we go. And the new Nigeria gets ‘realer’.
PS: if you like my post or not comment, share and share.

       -Desmond Dominance


6 thoughts on “Talking about this point and all that other stuff I want to say.

    1. As a matter of fact, I have changed my mind. I read a blog that talks of quality over quantity.
      The reason for my 4 post per day was build my consistency but I want to focus more on quality.
      I have some programs I’m lining up. Weekday specials and weekend posts. That way, everyday will have a special quality and something people can look forward to.

      Liked by 1 person

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