King size puppets and the atrophy of society

King sized puppets

Remember the other day I wrote about what I saw on a street in Lagos? About the soldier boy ( he wasn’t really a boy but close to forty-five but I don’t care)  who showed his muscles on a main road, not minding the fact that he was meant to be a role model, or at least someone that represents the military.

The fact is, many things have been taken for granted in this country. Most people don’t know their left from their right…we are not aware of our situation.

Or are we?

We can talk about it right? And we can argue. But are we really aware of what our problem is?

Maybe I don’t know, maybe we knew or maybe we don’t know and all we do is speculate.

Speculation leads nowhere except it is proven as fact.

The point is our society is dying and all we do is complain and argue about it without ever doing something to revive it.

One of the symptoms of this ongoing death pang is the issue of king sized puppets who have become pests in the society. Oh pest is a small word. They are a scourge, a blight, a cancerous disease killing the nation gradually. They are embarrassing to deal with and they are a reproach to the country. They blab their way around and are not effective or efficient or of any worth in the offices they hold.

They don’t get blamed too often (politicians get that) and they take that as a good sign that business is good.

What they don’t know is that they are stogies given power by stogies. They are puppets made in king size.

How I wish their nose could be made to elongate when they lie or steal or blame others for their errors. They are faultlessly faulty. Grotesque gargoyles. An unfair representation of our society.

They wield their staffs defiantly. Many of them have found their ways into politics and are politicising the nation with no knowledge whatsoever other than the money they plan to line their pockets with.

They demonstrate the saying that “power corrupts”. Give a small man a baton and you will soon get a brawl and the splinter of skulls. Give them a pistol and you could as well sell the nation for a dime.

Our problem is small men who were made big. Puppets in king size.

Whether he is the gate man who determines who enters or go out; or the cleaner who determines if the toilet is clean or not; or the policeman who gets licence to wield a weapon on the street; or a soldier paid to protect the bloody civilians he now loathes; or the lawmaker who makes the laws for the state.

A small man is a small man, whether he is promoted or given estate…a small man remains a small man except he grows.

The problem compounds when small men, men without understanding are taken to the hems of power and great men are kept behind. That’s the African way, and that’s our curse.

What can we do about this?

Its time to get more involved. No, not just involved, but deliberate, planned, skillful steps taken, backed by proven principles for positive societal transformation, and getting into the system with a system that has capacity to grow and transform the existing atrophying system. 

And where the heck is this gonna come from?

That will our discuss when next we get here.

For the love of God, humanity and nation.

Your comments on this post are appreciated.



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