finding purpose

Finding purpose

Many people have written wonderful pieces about finding purpose.

We talk about passion, talents, desires, etc

But hats not all, what really is the purpose of your life?

Life is to be in societies…from families to towns, regions, nations, continents and the entire world…and per adventure other worlds.

What is the purpose of your life?

To get this we need to look at life as an object, like fridge, or laptop. Yes laptop is the best right now.

Imagine what a laptop was created to do?

Of course a PC can do a lot of wonderful stuffs. Can write programs, can design, make other PCs, launch bombs…

But what did the manufacturer intended the PC for? Simple, to accept, process and deal out data.

But data can be the details of a chromosome or the painting of an  avatar movie!

So also is a human life. Our potential is limitless. We haven’t even been able to unlock more than 15% of our cerebral capacity and see what we have done.

Finding purposes is about going back to our source, the manufacturer, what did he made you for. 

Every individual is here to fulfil his manufacturer’s assignment.

And whether we liked to be controlled or not, its more fulfilling when you play your role than when you play other’s roles.
Please let me know how you feel, I love your comments.


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