Thanks ye all.

I’m thinking of adding a weekly post on a short story that came to my head while the rain was falling, this evening. 

Its a sci-fi, supernatural, just like I love them. So, as unpolished as I promise it to be, I will begin posting soon, maybe, twice or thrice a week, just to get the whole thing off my head.

Secondly, today has been a real great day, someone just took interest in my scripts. I don’t want to celebrate too soon, but I’m gonna give you all a full gist when it happens.

And, I have joined the millionaire digest contributors! That will be fun right? At least, I will be mandated to write posts everyday.

Which is just good for me, cause instead of having writer’s block I have writer’s procrastination. 

Laughing in Swahili

Anyway, just thought maybe a little update on how excited I am can affect someone’s zest for life out there.


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