My battle with inconsitency

Its ongoing but I’m winning. Its tough. It takes a great toll on me.

Sometimes I take a step forward in the right direction and find myself completely at the back wondering how I got there.

Its so bad that I have about ten unfinished books, that my bro told me were great ideas. Every time we are chanced to talk, he never fails to remind me of my supposedly great stories that were never completed.

I have started several blogs that I have to suspend them later as I had lost track of them.

Inconsistency cripples talent.

You can have lofty dreams, if you don’t know how to discipline yourself to do what you have to do when you to do them, they will remain pipe dreams.

At first, I attacked my writing, thinking that is where the problem was. But I was wrong.

 I fought those who termed me names such as ‘un-finisher’ you are a sanguine, oh, I still hate to hear those words.

But as I grew and learn to control myself more, I realise that I’m a finisher, I only to keep myself motivated, by all means.

I learnt that not being consistent is not my only trait. That I am resilient, powerful, courageous, caring, thohghful, inspiring, fun…

So, I will tame this one sprout, I will twist it around till it fulfils my dreams.

If you are fighting the same battle, do let me know. 


3 thoughts on “My battle with inconsitency

  1. I know what you mean. I too have started many accounts on different social media sites and after a while, just stopped wanting to work at them. I end up bein very passionate about things but around the half way mark, I tend to get lost and I give up.

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