a wonderful satutday I had yesterday.

It was at Montgomery street, Yaba, Lagos.

It was a very wonderful time we had. Discussions that have been cooking in my heart for a while we had.

When Kenny, a friend I met recently, invited me for this meeting I told him I’m interested immediately.

That was because, I have seen what he does, and these are stuffs close to my heart.

I got there and discovered that many of us had to sacrifice out other engagements that day to be at the meeting. One had to miss her very dear friends wedding (and she was supposed to be on the bridal train!)!

She said it right: it is a matter of life and death.

At the meeting we discussed how to save lives, lives around us, lives perishing. We need to do something, to reduce the pain of the next generation.

We started by taking a preview of Prince Ea’s “everybody dies but not everybody lives”.

It was the setting for our discussion, how we are going to make other peoples dream come true.

We time traveled and relived the past a little. We brought up scenarios and got solutions.

Solutions that when perfected will recreate the next generation and make the world a better place.

This is about the You-initiative.


3 thoughts on “a wonderful satutday I had yesterday.

  1. Im glad u’ve strted this. Iv waited so long to see you explode cos I often wondered why u were hiding so much in you. I bless God for your life. Success all the way….

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