Moon Ghost

Whatever you think you know about reality is about to change

1. Year 212 Arkfell

Pardon me, sojourner, for my tale-telling gift lack in embellishment.

Since the year the Ark fell, splitting the sky in shards, when a thousand stars exploded in the sky and streaks of fire could be seen traveling in all directions across the sky. Its been a little over 200 years.

I was not born then, but of those that survived the carnage of the Ark of death which fell from the moon; I am a testimony of the resilience of mankind and our ability to adapt. I only pray it holds in this most trying times.

When the Ark fell, it was in a place they called Tunis, by the sea, in the north. The impact of the gigantic ark wiped out not only cities but almost all of the nations around the great sea of the north. Leaving some islets to the east, and the straights, and farther north and the isles. But not for long.

For great mists issued from the Ark, clouds they were, traveling all over the world, a scourge spread everywhere it goes, killing mankind in hundreds of millions. No drug, no, scientists and men of knowledge fall fast, governments and nations wiped clean.

The world was almost cleansed of mankind. The end of the world as it used to be.

Those that survived the scourge became the progenitors of a new race of men. The Motemba. Their children were the perfection of humanity.

I am one of them. As I was a hundred years ago, when I became forty, I am now.


Please comment. I’m writing straight here. Uncut. The next episode will come up on Thursday. I will be posting Moon Ghost twice in a week. 🙂

#fiction #sci-fi


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