Moon Ghost: episode 2; 

The rise of the Motemba continues.

Moon Ghost: the rise of the Motemba

 Episode 2

2. Ayen Dass. Year 212 Arkfell
Of all the Motemba that I know, Arena is considered to be the most foolish.

This is a man with charms, darker than night eyes, skin, hair. A wanderer who has visited the ancient sites of Egypt and Mecca, who has been to Ethiopia and the original Sudan, who has even visited the nation of Israel.

He makes me go mad.

In the almost 200 years of his existence, ( he was born in the sixteenth Arkfell year) he has ventured more than any living man had dared. Especially in an era where traveling is a most dangerous adventure.

Who doesn’t want to see the world. I certainly do. But I am not ready to waste my 150 years of experience on some fancy journey north.


We were at the Kanuri bar outside Ayen Dass. It is a ramshackle kiosk, they serve root wine in ivory cups. Those who knew the story said the city was part of a city known as Kano, but it is now a kraldom of the Dass clans.

We sat there sipping our roots tea. Waiting for a battle which might probably be the beginning of a war.

The Kraldom of west Sudan, the newly formed nation to the south is an ambitious one. It seeks to have all the cities on this part of the equator on her retinue. Something the city Krals objected to. But Layeti Nofi is such an overlord that does not accept a simple “no”, except it comes at the price of blood and pieces of human flesh and bones.

The cities have worked hard to build themselves, to be havens of peace and security, to keep the remembrance of human humanity amidst the worldwide anarchy and chaos. Yet some warlords thought its a really wonderful idea to consolidate all the cities into one Kraldom.

Ayen Dass and her people will rather fight than surrender leadership to Layeti Nofi.

Reports already has it that the armies of the overlord are already marching up north.

I am ready, like everyone else to fight and die for this city. After all it was the only city that accepted my mother and I a hundred years ago. And it was here that I met Arena, my friend.

“There will certainly be a battle” I said, not looking up from my cup. The thick dark substance is bitter, but it’s not as bitter as the gloom that looms over the city.

Arena chuckled.

“Don’t worry Young, the Dass clans and the confederacy they have built won’t let us down” he said.

“You talk as though you are certain of what they will do”

“Nobody wants war, not when some of us can live this long and others can’t. It is in their interest to defend us. If we fall, they are next.”

“Yes yes yes, so have the elders argued. But where’s the Confederates war machines, they haven’t even held the war council. No wonder Nofi marches north with utmost confidence.”

Arena laughed again as though nothing I had said made sense. Surely he knows something that I do not know.

“Don’t make it sound like today is a day of doom” he said with his usual silly smile.

“Today is a gloomy day of doom! For the first time in fifty years we are being attacked!”

There was silence. He wasn’t smiling anymore. I made it look as if it was his fault that Nofi is coming our way.

“After this business, I am traveling again to the north” he said looking at me.

“The north is a big country”

“I am visiting the Ark this time” he declared.

I laughed. It was not just a painfully funny idea, it is stupid and foolish and dangerous!

“Even if you cross the death zone” I said “how will you reach the ark? Its been underwater for over two hundred years”

“Yeah I know” he replied, his smile coming back to his face. Whenever he smiles like this, its too late to change his mind. “I have to go. If I don’t do this, our problem will be bigger than Nofi, and the entire earth will once again fight to breath.”

“Its a suicide mission” said I.

“Yeah I know”

That’s why I said Arena is most foolish when you compare him with the rest of the known Motemba. And he is my friend.

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