How to have a rough week

​How to have a rough week

Its starts on Saturday night. Its raining lightly somewhere in Lagos. You were preparing for Sunday in your mind, especially as you are meant to give the word during Sunday morning service in your local assembly.

So the rain begins, creating enough pool on your roof to leak through the cracks which trickle down, drop off the ceiling and lands near your bed with a enough force to send splashes on your bed.

At first you didn’t notice. But later on it became clear that something is out tonight, especially tonight, to disrupt your sleep. You are resolved not to give in. So you continued to sleep.

The little splashes on your bed soon became enough to create the “there’s water on my bed” feeling, and the “oh God! I’m gonna drown” feeling. The rain wasn’t gonna stop anytime soon, it has made up its mind to mess up your night, but you too have determined not to give in.

So you move to another room in the house, a much larger, in short the conference room, full of stacked chairs.

Now, add the benefit of living in downtown Lagos, Nigeria. As Mark Zuckerberg may not realize, many areas in Lagos are depressed and water logged. And I’m fortunate enough to live in such an area, at least for now.

So, the rain refuses to stop, you sleep in the open all night, and twisting and turning all night, unable to sleep the sleep you were so determined to sleep.

Along came morning, you sat up on a chair praying all your anger away.

Then along came the day, with further rain. The ground water, now full, begins to seep through the floor into your house and rooms and hall. At first very little, you mobilise people to scoop it. But the rain is determined to ruin your day too so it kept pouring and the trickle became…!

That’s it. Flood.

Everybody panics. You maintained your calm. You ain’t not going to allow this one thing stop you from enjoying the day.

After service, somebody you worked for refuses to pay you your wage. So your plan to surprise your girlfriend can’t happen again. The fellow actually said he didn’t plan to pay you despite your agreement.

Again, you maintained your cool. The world hasn’t stopped revolving. And the rain hasn’t stopped falling either.

By the time you returned to your house, guess what? All the rooms have been flooded.

Thank heavens you anticipated this and have moved all important stuffs above sea level (so to speak). But now, where do you stay tonight?

Assume you are also accommodating a friend who also needs a place to weather the flood. So you contacted a friend nearby so as to stay in his place all night and he says yes. You stayed in his very little room and spent an uncomfortable night (what with cats meowing and running around at night?!)

Let me remind you that most domestic cats in Lagos are not favoured. Most have become rather wild, nocturnal, hunting at night, and scaring people, especially those who believe witches use them for astral travel (I’m part of those who think that’s true).

Anyway, the uncomfortable night passes with you postponing your blog post out of weariness.

Then comes Monday morning, you did your tweetcast one hour behind schedule. You started moving up and down Lagos and in between you couldn’t post your blogs, especially the promised MoonGhost episode 3. And now the fourth episode is due.

Well, you bailed the water manually, the pumping machine got broken. And then comes Tuesday through Wednesday and you just have enough peace to write about it.

But, you are resolved to make something great out of it.


PS: The rise of the Motemba continues on MoonGhost tomorrow. Your comments on this blog are appreciated. Thank you.

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