How to start small and become Great

Almost every successful business men starts from failure, or from a low point. Most people starts from being losers and end up being among the greatest contributors to humanity.
Starting small is a good thing and something to be proud of. While it is not always rossy while navigating your startup from being a startup to being a FACEBOOK, there’s a consolation in knowing that you are doing the right thing and will eventually get there.

Here are four keys that can help you turn your startup (no matter what it may be; except a terrorist movement) from small to great.

1. Love genuinely
: Love is life. It fills everything that has it with life, vigor and strength. I am not talking about feelings, though they play an important role, but I’m talking about the conscious efforts and choices we make to others, the world a better place.

To describe this love I will use a compound word like this: selfless-choice. Love is about making selfless choices that will have a significant positive impact on the live(s) of others. When you place humanity above yourself you open the endless flow of unimaginable ideas, possibilities and resources into your life that will have profound influence in the world.

2. Recognise the call: Yes, exactly like Moses and the burning bush. It wasn’t in the burning bush that Moses received his call, no, it was before he fled Egypt when he saw injustice in the land and the burden from his soul cried out for change.

So, while you are cumbered by the pressures of this world take time to listen to your heart and recognise the call. That call is the game changer, your exit from smallness and entre-point to greatness.

3. Epitomise the ideal: Become the ideal that you have captured in your heart. Be the one. Be the change. Be the difference.

It is easier to duplicate or mass produce in people an ideal that you have become than the one you haven’t given reality to.

While this might be the hardest part of your journey don’t forget it is the most rewarding one. It emphasise on your personal transformation, so that you can become the vehicle of change. It is this that makes most impression on people and your investors.

4. Be relentless: Have you seen an ant claps its mandibles on a piece of food before? It is a very profound thing that has a lot of lessons in it. The ant won’t let go no matter how much you try to distract it and force the food out of it’s mandibles. You literarily have to pry them open to force it out.

And that’s one of the lessons I learnt from looking at ants. They are relentless. Never giving up. Never backing down. Small they are but great on the inside.

In the same way, be relentless. Forget how to give up, especially on your dreams because, plans may fail, doors may be shut, but dreams tenaciously held unto find a way to materialize. So plan and plan again. Dream and dream bigger. Knock and knock on a million doors. Keep your hopes alive and your faith strong because in a short while and your dreams will become a reality.


Please your comments are important to me and I will love to see them here.


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