MoonGhost episode 3

The rise of the Motemba continues

The day wears on.

At around, we heard the horns of the confederate army near the city. Arena smiled the ‘I told you so’ smile. Angry I got out of my city and climbed to the battlement, where he joined me. Others too, following our cue, left the bar, the owner herself began to pack and move back into the city.

Up here we could see the armies of our friends and their banners blazing in the sky marching towards from the west. The commander of the army gave a signal and trumpets sound the order to halt.

From the south, we could see as well to our dismay the approaching army of the enemy. They are marching in four to five companies, all carrying the flag of the sun and pyramid. They had tall machines pulled by elephants, those machines are called destroyers, they are designed to hurl fire crackers. Fire crackers explode magnificently on impact, creating high density destruction. These machines are meant to breach the city wall so as for their troops to gain access into our city.

The city chief horn’s man blew the call and 70 other horns answered from along the city wall, each sounding from each tower on the south facing fence. The Dass army assembled rapidly in front of the fence forming a long line of defense.

The rest of us remain on the battlement, we are part of the city guild and men called the ki-ters.

“Raise the shields!” called the general from atop the tower.

“Raise the shields!” echoed the chief horn’s man. 

At that moment, the engines beneath the city-wall begin to grind and groan, as the workers pull and crank, from different points along the city wall. Soon, massive iron plates begin to rise from shafts in the ground. Iron plates that form a massive shield over the wall of the city, rose to cover the entire wall, which is four storey high.

“Gun man salute!” called the General from atop the tower.

The first gun man, climed the gun port on the iron wall, the gun, which is a massive rocket launcher, not unlike the destroyers, but this one goes farther. The gun man aimed and took his shot. The rocket exploded just in front of the advancing army of the south.

The enemy stopped instantly. They sent emissaries to advance their terms. The general climbed down the wall on the lift. And mounted a steed prepared. The confederate sent out riders riding to meet the general. They met at a post about a mile from the city.

A moment later, the southern riders returned to their own troops.  Their horns sounded to make camp. Our general and the confederate commander rode back towards the city. And we knew that the siege had just begun.


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