Some not so popular lessons we can learn from Brexit

People’s opinion matters.

In a Democratic state the opinion of the majority matters, it is the very foundation on which democratic states are built. 

People are the ones who needed democracy not government officials. People are the ones who delegated their powers and authority to officials who will represent them and speak for them.

Educate and Inform the masses

There comes a time when there’s a people/government disconnect and at such times it is necessary to hear and to obey the wishes of the majority.

It is to the benefit of state that her people her well informed.

In the aftermath of brexit, many who voted to leave came to regret it. And there were even calls for a second vote.

So it came that many were misinformed, many voted based on rumors and misinformations and even myth. This is a leadership problem not the people. This has also given rise to the people being fed with propaganda that has no fact. Those responsible (and I’m not talking about just government officials) should take it upon themselves to educate the masses and especially in developing countries. Ignorance is the most fatal challenge facing developing nations. Such things should be curbed early. Information should not be limited to social media platforms, but active informers should go to rural areas where internet is not readily available and disseminate information in a way that the locals will be able to appreciate it and put it to use. In the fight for society reformation, the informers are the reformers.

PS: Look who is back. I’m sorry, I have been caught up with work and the politics of life that I couldn’t post. This post was something I had written a while ago waiting for polish. I forgot to polish it though.

Love your comments always.

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