Finding “Me”

​Finding “Me”

Me is an infinite concept.

Me is a dream, a passion, a vision, a pursuit.

Me is not the corporeal, or what you can see with the eyes, me is beyond eyesight. Its more about foresight.

Me is an evolution. A revolution, a gradual but rapid process to actualization of self.

Me is a force, soul-spirit, the intangible that gives substance to tangibles.

Me is beyond my body. Me knows that where I am today is a journey to where I’m meant to be.

Me is not about who I am but about who I could be, no, who I’m meant to be.

Me is the clothing of the naked kids, feeding of hungry kids in war torn countries.

Me is the difference the world needs to be whole again. Me is the solution the world is yearning for.

So I’m on a journey to finding me. To meeting myself.

When I eventually meets me, I will congratulate myself, but then I will know that I have just begun, cause there’s more to me than anything I could ever achieve, see or become.

Love your comments always.

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