Why you shouldn’t stay long in Depression alley

Say no to pity parties, and all the other accolades that come with it. You need no pampering, you are strong. 

The moment you accept that feeling of loss or sadness, or rejection, or whatever it is that sucks life and vitality out of your mind and body, that moment you accept weakness.

Everyone gets depressed at one point or the other. And that’s why we need motivation.

One speaker I admire said that everyone is responsible for their own motivation.

Leave no room for depression.

Yes when sadness comes enjoy the moment if you may. Learn from it if you may. Use it to your advantage if you may but don’t let it reside with you. Don’t allow it to live in you.

I no longer strive to be happy because happiness has become my ‘laugh’ style.

Some situations could be very depressing, but then you need the message in it. Taking that message and working out the meaning is your way out of the dark valley.

Depression is an alley, so don’t wait there. Don’t pass time there. Pass through it as quickly as you can.

You are the next great phenomenon so don’t blow it sulking. So with all due respect get a grip.

I remember back when I live in depression alley, I wanted to be pampered. I needed all the attention but there was no one to give it to me. My friend do tell me repeatedly “D’ get a grip and stop all this”

Its not because he didn’t understand but because he knew I couldn’t function if I don’t relieve myself of the pain and hurt and sadness.


And that’s when I realised that pain is not tangible. Sadness has no substance except you give it to it. So I wallow a little in the pain, enjoy the “sorrys” if they come. But I know its ultimately me, who will decide to remain in the pain or move out of it and make the most of my life.

No matter how bad your story might be yours is not the worst. So be thankful and mourn within a limited time frame and get back to working out your life to make the most mark in the world.

So don’t blow your chance.



4 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t stay long in Depression alley

  1. This is the truth! Sufferings, depressions and all difficulities in our life comes only to teach us a lesson! And we should learn our lesson and move out of them…there purpose should be converting us a better version of us and never allow them to destroy you! Very well written!

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