Nigeria; the rising |part 1

The cynics say we can’t. That it is impossible for us to have a complete turnaround. But we don’t listen to them anymore. We never listened to them. We were only polite.

The cynics thought we are ‘wishers’. We are not. We are staunch believers. We are game changers. We get out hands dirty. We damn the consequence.

The cynics wants Nigeria to split in different directions. They thought that will make us better. What they forgot is that the same people who who are leading us now, have entrenched themselves in the local fronts. That those same people pushing us to split are the people who will still colonise us on our little chiefdoms. Talk of neo colonisation.

I can’t understand them. That they have lost touch with reality is no longer a news…but the extent of their disorientation is baffling.

The world is talking of globalisation and we are talking of little chiefdoms. Shame.

We keep telling them our problem has been a lack of direction. A lack of creativity. A lack of vision.

We told them; that our solution is within us. That we will provide the nation with vision. After all we represent the voice of the future.

We told them what we will do is to show the people the way to freedom and to provide them with motivation to get there.

We told them what we can do is pressurise those that make law to make laws and amend laws that will help us get to where we are headed.

We are not afraid. We will embrace new ideas. But our mission is the same.

If you say you believe in the #GreatNigeria they will think you are nuts.

We we are indeed nuts. We are visionaries.

Are you one of us?



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