From Nigeria to the Nigeria


Its time we make our transit. Its time we move from here to where we ought to be. First before we move we must first know where we are going, cause that’s what determines our direction.

Where we are right now is not as important as where we can be, as where we ought to be.

In case you don’t know I’m talking about Nigeria. And by Nigeria I’m not referring to this clumsy exaggerated tribal chiefdoms, an excuse for a country passed down to us by colonial masters. A master plan of abuse and dehumanization, executed with sheer wickedness and precision which is largely based on our ignorance.

No, I’m not talking about that country where nothing seems to be working, where corruption is celebrated and whistle blowers are indicted. A place where natural resources is celebrated over human resources, where locals destroy their own land in the name of justice. Where politics of opposition is considered an enemy of state by a party that was once in opposition.

No, that’s not the object of my discuss.

The Nigeria I’m talking about is a different one. A place that is beyond our dreams. A possibility that we can make a reality.

Think about it for a moment. What will you do if you have the opportunity to make the new Nigeria emerge from this old one? What will you do to transform this old country into the pride of nations?
Enough of the blame game. Nobody ever fixed anything by throwing blames around. Things get fixed when we get our hands dirty. Things get fixed when we get our minds working. 

We need Nigeria and Nigeria needs us. Yes us. The young, the old the women and the men. All of us have to come together to make it work.

After all the colours are stripped away, and the marks are gone, and we speak one language and face one God before whom we will give account, then we will know that before anything, we are all humans.

And that’s what matters in Nigeria. Nigeria needs her human resources to transform Her. Nigeria need you to transform yourself so you could transform your family, neighborhood and country. Nigeria need you to reform the evil system.

To make our institutions strong and to work.

You need to rise to the call for patriots. You need to wake up. There is a call for you. No matter who you are, what you do, what you have done or where you are from. Nigeria needs you.

We need to rise up and power up and change other peoples lives.

Because at the end, that’s what matters. The smiles we left on the face of others.

That’s impact. The impact we need to begin to make right now.

Hey, fellow Nigerians! No more sitting on the fence, no more arguing by the newsstands, no more waiting to hear the worst. No more circulation of conspiracy theories.

Let’s pray like it all depend on God and work like it all depends on us.

Cause in the end, God who is your  judge will ask you; what was your impact in Nigeria?What was your contribution to your fatherland?

So let’s get up and work.

#independence #Nigeria


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