Nigeria; the rising. Part 2

There is a narrative of a rising Nigeria. Rising out of the murky waters of affliction, corruption, economic mismanagement, traditional rulers who style themselves as leaders. Out of the grime of poverty, malnutrition, infant mortality, child labour, ethnic wars, crime and pervasive ignorance and so on.

I believe in that new Nigeria and I am persuaded that you do too. That is our destiny. We will not sit back and allow vision-less tribal representatives direct our nation. No. We will not sit back and allow those who have repeatedly failed us lead our country. We will not sit back and allow those who have nothing to offer but their personal ambition to be our leader.

It is time our voice is heard. 

It is time our opinion matters.

It is time we synergize with one and another to give birth to the Nigeria of our dreams.

Do you know that young people below 30 years of age make up up to 70% of the total population of Nigeria. I am talking about 105 million young people. This 105 million people are the future of Nigeria. And the responsibility of transforming this nation rests on you and I.

Therefore we will not rest. We will not sleep. We will not relent until policies that have young people in mind are executed. Therefore we must rise and speak out. Not only that we must begin to think and create a personal plan to realise your Nigeria of the future.

We are Nigerians, we are the rising ones.

Lend your voice to the movement.

I am calling on you, you reading this work this very moment, I call on you to rise to the task. I call on you to get up and bring out the ideas buried within you.

I calm on you to use your gifts, your talents, your ideas to solve the problems of Nigeria.

We have come to a time where government can’t help us (even they need help). We must work on a strategy to revolutionise our country.

We don’t want the Arab spring scenario, no, we want a new kind of revolution. One that will echo till the end of time.

So rise up young Nigerian. You are brilliant. You are talented. You are a champion. You are a warrior. Its time to dare the lions den and retrieve our destiny.

I call on you to rise and be the difference.

Join the movement.


#GreatNigeria #DesmondDominance


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