We The Rising Ones

This lovely piece was done by a wonderful friend in India; Meenakshi Sethi. She told me Nigeria is like India too and that it is dreamers and visionary leaders who can make those nations work and reach their destiny.

She writes poetry, the kind that reaches deep into your soul and make what you feel ‘expressable’ knowing that you are not the only one. 

I am reminded of the depth of indian literature each time I visit her site.

You can check her other works on her website: https://msethi272.wordpress.com

We The Rising Ones

We the rising ones

We the Nigerians

Growing, emerging

Coming out of cocoon

We are not

Clumsy tribal chiefdoms

We are warriors

We are dreamers

We make dreams come true

We are people of that nation

Which have beautiful souls

We Nigerians shine like a moon

We are contributers

Our hard work is proof

We will end all disputes

To make our Nigeria

Peaceful and cool

We the Nigerians

We the rising ones.

                       . Meenakshi Sethi.


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