I want to live my ordinary life extraordinarily.

I don’t need an extra ordinary life, the ordinary life I have is enough. I’m just going to live it extra ordinarily.

We all were given ordinary life, and there are some of who us who lived that ordinary life extraordinarily. To this group I desire to belong.

The key to greatness, the number one key that is; is desire. Desire is the single most powerful key for anyone to unlock greatness within themselves.

Some started out accidentally and became great leaders. In our age, we don’t do it anymore by accidents, we plan and push ourselves to become great leaders, who exemplify the leadership qualities of God Himself.

The key to this kind of leadership is desire. Wanting to be the best you were created to be. To exercise the God-given mandate to dominate.

At first you may be motivated by ego, but as you evolve and mature in values…you see that all your motives were based on base stuffs, that your greatest motivation would be the desire to be what you were created to be without a single shade of fear.

Becoming great is not about your wealth of stuffs, even though it comes handy, no, its about finding lasting fulfilment, filling the inner void with the only stuff that can satisfy it: God.

God says if you want to drink till your void is full, then you gotta come to Jesus because He is the only one who can grant you the legal right and access to the living water.

God is the source of the Living water.

Jesus Christ is the Living water.

The Holy Spirit is the present manifestation of the Living water.

To drink, you need access through Jesus.




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