After I read this piece of truth, I realised that the fight for justice and equity is not limited to Nigeria or Africa alone, it is a global thing. I felt compelled to reblog this.


“Does your daughter have a Fair complexion??

This is what every Indian girl’s parents are asked especially before her wedding.

If any girl has a very fair complexion people ask her, “What cream or beauty products do you apply to look fair?”

These are the questions with which every Indian girl is familiar with. For a few minutes we can’t understand how to react?  Because we are confused about Was that a compliment or not? Should we suppose to thank for it or argue on such a racist comment and that too in a public place?

iStock_000007089669MediumZ.jpgSince my childhood I have been watching fairness cream advertisements. I remember I saw an advertisement which featured a college girl who had lost her confidence because of her dark complexion. She gained it back when her friend advised her to use the fairness cream of that brand.

Suddenly a question popped up in my…

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