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I have made up my mind not to give up no matter how hard. I think you should try it.

Whether Trump is good for us or not or whether we are OK with Brexit or not….Africa needs her heroes.

Nigeria is my adopted problem. The scope is too wide but I won’t relent or repent.

Maybe I will change my mind at some point on some ideas but the goal will remain the same.

How will Nigeria get to the promised land we so want to reach?

The answer remains the same; by putting the young princes ahead.

Who are the young princes? They are leaders in various fields. Visionaries and Missionaries. Guys who will braze the odds and breakdown walls and build bridges.

I live because I believe in this people. And it is my job to bring them together and mould them into a single organism.

I met some yesterday. And I smiled in my heart. We talked of this and of that, but I didn’t tell them what we will soon be about.

We are the children of God and it is our duty to tend to His business.

Nigeria will surely rise. Africa will surely rise. The end will surely come. And all will be well.
I’m writing from Lagos, Nigeria.

PS: I haven’t written in a while. I’m sorry about that. Will tell you all about it soon.

So, here I put the full stop.