Getting close…r

I will just make this brief…

I’m sure I’m not the only one who goes to the net to download series…especially blacklist.
I particularly like the events that led to the clearing of Elizabeth Keen…what everyone went through and all…
But that’s not what I want to share. About two days ago, a friend I shared my apartment with brought the DVD….and it was the scene where Elizabeth was being ushered out of the cell and this song was playing…and I felt goose bumps…all over me.
The song cut deep…I couldn’t shake it. Its message suits me. Exactly where I was…am…and where I’m moving from.
The song is by Andra Day…funny I had never come across her name before until that day…I googled the lyrics.
Andra Day…so I ran a check on her on wikipedia… And read a bit of her story.

And I understood where the song came from and why it made such a profound impression on me. She must have written it from where I am.

And that’s how I knew that she has it. She has that inner thing that makes your work…be it music, poetry, fiction or any work of art…your work to have meaning.

That inner stuff is called message.  I knew she had it. One thing about messengers like that is that their message is where they are, who they are and where they are coming from.

I haven’t heard the entire album..just downloaded the song “rise up”, but the album is titled “cheers to the fall”…that is a message I couldn’t ignore.
So I listened to the song…over and over again for two days, as I internally map my vision for 2017. I knew its going to be exciting…and real…and genuine..and heavy…because I have a message. A message which I have experienced.

I’ll rise up…I’ll do it a thousand times again.

PS: emmm….

Happy new year in advance.



Bully death

I’m the death bully.

One time i locked him up in my freezer for two days!

The other night death saw me and ran away….

He’s a coward you know…you just have to stand up to him.

I know you understand. Comment if you like.


Untitled #3


But for your grace Oh Lord, certainly I won’t be here and though there are many people who passed away, some gruesome, brutish, others with grace…

And though there are many in pain somewhere in this big planet….

And though there are many who have no clue who they are…

And though there’s so much decay in this world…

I ask for grace, grace to be able to be your hand in their life…no matter how few they are…

I seek your power to be able to bring sunshine into the lives of those going through a dark night…

Your heart to love them effectively…not some claim but real action…

I’m desperate Lord, there’s so much people living in despair…my heart aches from deep within me…

I know if I could see your eyes I will see tears…tears that humanity have no concept of.

Tears that we are tearing your world apart when you have given us a most precious opportunity…

The chance to bring healing to the world like Jesus did.


Ps: been away for a while. Exam things. You are welcome to post your comments.