Untitled #3


But for your grace Oh Lord, certainly I won’t be here and though there are many people who passed away, some gruesome, brutish, others with grace…

And though there are many in pain somewhere in this big planet….

And though there are many who have no clue who they are…

And though there’s so much decay in this world…

I ask for grace, grace to be able to be your hand in their life…no matter how few they are…

I seek your power to be able to bring sunshine into the lives of those going through a dark night…

Your heart to love them effectively…not some claim but real action…

I’m desperate Lord, there’s so much people living in despair…my heart aches from deep within me…

I know if I could see your eyes I will see tears…tears that humanity have no concept of.

Tears that we are tearing your world apart when you have given us a most precious opportunity…

The chance to bring healing to the world like Jesus did.


Ps: been away for a while. Exam things. You are welcome to post your comments.


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