15 ways to attract the Love you deserve

So, my friend Victoria made a great post, I loved it so much I decide I’m gonna repost this. So, I took permission from her and here it is:

1.) Let go of old, limiting beliefs that you don’t deserve love and happiness. Instead, learn to be grateful everyday.

2.) Don’t take rejection personally. We have a limited time on earth and life is too short for any regret. Go ahead and make a move. Be sincere about your feelings and confess it. Wear your heart on your sleeve, for we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

3.) Go with the flow, be in the moment and don’t over think. Understand that life is happening right now. Stay in the present and enjoy the journey, instead of thinking about the past, or worrying about the future.

4.) Be honest about your feelings. Don’t play mind games and pretend you don’t like someone when you do.

5.) Be open minded. Look past imperfections and be less judgmental.

6.) Take good care of yourself. Eat healthily, exercise and have enough sleep. When you feel yourself getting tense, take a deep breath and relax. It works.

7.) Put yourself first. Hold yourself in high regard and know your worth. Never settle for a relationship that doesn’t stir your heart and make you happy.

8.) Be kind to yourself. Always celebrate how far you’ve come. Compliment and affirm how great you are. The only validation you need is from yourself.

9.) Don’t be fixation on finding love. Acknowledge that there’s more to life than romantic love. Appreciate that you are greatly loved by your family and friends.

10.) Make yourself attractive and presentable. Take pride in your appearance.

11.) Be driven in your life and have goals. Put in one hundred percent effort in what you do, be it your work, your hobbies and your passion.

12.) Know the kind of relationship you want. Reflect on your past relationships and think of the deal breakers you cannot accept, as well as personal values you stand by, and refuse to compromise on.

13.) Learn to enjoy your company. Be comfortable in your own skin. Take yourself out on dates. Try new things. Get out of your comfort zone and embrace uncertainty.

14.) Stay true to yourself. Listen to yourself and live the life you want, not the life you think you should have.

15.) Be optimistic about love. Just because things didn’t work out in the past doesn’t mean things will always remain this way. Know that all the love you want is already inside you. It’s up to you to attract the love you deserve.


A message to someone who thinks he/she isn’t worthy of the love you deserve.

I really hope this helps. Much love from Navec 💞


Along the coast now

This is in response to today’s daily prompt. 

Along the coast you could notice the tiny tidbits of wonders darting about the clear sky. I often wondered if anyone else could see them. Everyone seems to be about their own business, laughing and playing with the sand and water. I, on the other hand focus on the tiny little creatures that have stolen my imagination. 

It reminds me of P.T Flea in the 1994 Disney movie, A bug’s life. That’s the movie that made me see potential in writing about insects. Before then, I have been a keen observer of tiny creatures, mostly ants. 

They are awesome creatures, you could make them go to war, you could even make them move their nest. Back then, those where my favourite past time adventure. Apart from whispering my ideas back to myself, or sitting before the “teli” seeing another episode of adventures of Sam or teletubbies or starship troopers, I watch ants. 

Curious creatures, they appear to be very organised, they have an ant for everything; scavenging, storage, care, feeding, defence, building. Awesome beings. 

It makes me wonder if this luminescent flying beings that whiz and dart about this clear coastal air have such system… 

They are beautiful to look at. Often, I try to catch them in full view, but most times, they appear at the edge of my sight. I see them with my peripheral vision. And if I turn to look, they dissolve into the view…..luminescent flying beings, the tiny flies that whiz around. 

Desmond Ayo Ojumu 

The little flies that whiz around

Sometimes, looking inward takes you on a Google tour… 

Sometimes, the answer is somewhere on a facebook page, waiting for you to travel by and notice… 

Most times, we don’t pause to listen to the silent echo that resonates from around us, the epiphanies we desperately need are always there, all it takes is for us to catch on. 

Mine took me on a several months tour. After my year long project hit the walls, something within me broke.  Something was made within me too. It took me sometime to realise this of course, the first was the unavoidable sadness that comes with failure. I made up my mind not to evade it, but to embrace it. After a while it got tired of my optimism and left. 

I realised I wanted to do what I needed to do, and be paid doing it. So, “bye bye to everything” I said. I moved on. Start working on the next project, something that will ease me out of the flop. 

Then, I saw an image that spoke in a thousand words, of an ancient civilisation, in a world of magic and technology and prophecies and heroes. 

I saw it in pictures and decided to collaborate with a friend, it’s time I put something out like I always wanted to do. A lasting legacy in print. 

And that was the first epiphany. The next came while thumbing through facebook and checking out groups I have been, and reading all sundry and art related and came up on sites that could have been mine…. Had I put on the grind. 

So here we are, I’m putting on the grind finally. This time, I will be taking my own advice and mulch out a whole new world. 

So, do you know these creatures, that create this vibrations all around us are like little flies, whizzing in and out of dimensions, invisible, saving the day with profound ideas?  Yeah, these epiphanies, they are the subject of my new creative…the unsung heroes of the world… 

It’s a new day. 

Get out

It was a hole from which the ant could never climb out. The sides are just too steep. He staggers up only to slide down.

On and on he goes. He won’t rest. He knew his destiny is out there. His tiny heart could feel it… 

Destiny calls from beyond. Destiny calls from beyond the reef, out in the open  waters. Destiny calls from away from here. 

The need to get out, escape this present crises, this present darkness… The need to get out calls strongly from beyond. 

The walls here are stifling.

The ant, like Moana knew the answers to his present darkness, that’s sweeping all over his world, lies out there…. Beyond the walls of the hole. 

I often wonder why people never left their old life… 

I think it’s the feeling of being stuck, and a resignation to fate. That no matter what they did, they can’t possibly change their final outcome.  

Guess what, you may not be able to change your final outcome but you will never know. You will never know if you are following some script written in the universe, in your star or whatever you believe….you will never know, so it’s best you damn all the freaking consequences and find your way out of the ditch! 

In the ditch, there may be no danger, there might be an ant-lion there, that doesn’t matter, the real danger of staying in that ditch is oblivion

Yep, oblivion will swallow your entire existence, at the end of your time, you will realise how insignificant your life has been and, too weak to weep, you will sigh your last.

Get out now!

It’s never so late to get out of that ditch. Get out while you have the physical, mental and emotional strength. 

You can still be a professor, or an engineer…I know you now have more financial burdens now, I know you made nasty mistakes while growing up…these are excuses, excuses are the slippery sides of the ditch, they keep you down there. 

To get out, you must leverage on your knowledge, of the past and the present. We ought to be learning every moment. Study the traps that keep you down, somehow, they are your way out. 

Life is a negotiation of yesterday and tomorrow. You will have to negotiate the terms, which you will review over and over till you reach your final destination. 

Mankind is not headed for Mars, but Mars seems to be within reach. When we get to Mars we proceed to the next solar system, and on and on we go. 

Life, wasn’t meant to end, ageing is a fault in our genes. We were never meant to die. But we may never know, unless we get out.

I am coming

One for the road

One for the ‘painy’ days

One for the rainy days

One for the time when ‘Iya Moria’s’food was all we looked forward to before the gore. 

One for me in my turbulence, thinking this plane will never take off. 

One for all of us who yearn for a better now.

One for my story that will be told in pages and bold. 

One for all who have and who will contribute to that tale. 

One for me, one for you oh my reader who tries to understand the logic behind this tale. 

It’s a close that leads to a new beginning.

Hit the road, make it happen. 
The Dominance writes. 

My little red rant

It was a burial ceremony, and I was going to be there. The dress code was white for the some of us with a particular name. I have been told my garment was going to be delivered to me on the day of the burial. So all I needed was the red shoe to block.

So I ordered for the red pair of shoes forgetting that there was going to be purple on the dress. Awful, right? Well, I would have worn it that same way but for the fact that the order was delayed so, I had to wear navy blue!

When the order finally arrived, it wasn’t what I expected, the red seems reder (sic). I wore it about anyway.

The English of the whole matter is; what do I care?

Who determines what works in fashion and what doesn’t work?

Why should I be bothered?

Ever since, I got the red shoes, I ditched my bulgy black, and have been wearing the red about with every piece of clothing I have, blue jeans, black jeans, brown shirts, blue shirts, white shirts. Brown shirt on black trousers with my red shoes are so wow! That’s my opinion and that’s what matter.

Like for real, people were making fun of my red shoes everywhere I go and I’m like, great, that’s the intention. 

Some ladies go about with purple lipstick on their black face or light brown face and everyone says it’s nice. I don’t like purple on the face. I think it’s unnatural. Nothing beats the classic red lipstick for me. And the stylish pink. But these folks go about with some weird choices of lipstick on their face. Why?

That is their personality. Some of us don’t want to be classed as part of the crowd all the time and we do leave some clues to tell the world about that. We dare the world about it.

Take my red shoes for example. It stands out anywhere. Don’t think it’s a mild red, no, the red is a blaring red. It jumps right into your eyes. While it wasn’t what I wanted originally, I have decided to shower it some support. Solidarity for as long as it lasts.

For real, people don’t have to conform to your way of life before you accept them. All colours are made by God. And when you go into the wild, you see that even when there seems to be no colour pattern at work, the beauty of striking colours are unquestionable.

Everyone should be allowed to demonstrate their originality as long as it is not immoral or unjust. 

Trends may come and go, some of us won’t jump into it like the rest. We will do what suits us and what makes us comfortable, as long as it doesn’t make others puke. But if they want to puke, God bless them as they puke peacefully without interrupting our business.

So that is my rant about my red shoes. Red is my black until I buy a new black. (wink).

Desmond Ayo Ojumu writes from Lagos,  Nigeria. 

#redshoes #fashion

Paint the Wind

​Like every other day, for the past few months, my mind had been engaged in creating and recreating a dream. It’s like Picasso painting a waterfall with oil on canvas. I have sketched and sketched and sketched, erasing, outlining and superimposing features, layers of colors, trying to maintain the original scenery in my mind yet compromising here and there in order to see the painting materialize.

It’s like painting the wind. You will never know. Is it white or blue, or a blur of what color? 

Some might find that rhetoric, but who is the judge of these things? The wind is the most colorful thing that has no color. You practically don’t know of what color it’s made from, transparent as glass, it’s a combination of every color you could ever imagine. They all flow in the wind. If you were to embalm a portion of it on paper or screen what will you see?
Milky white blur of blue?

So is my dream. A colorful ‘colorlessness’ that defies even my logic; no face, just my wind swirling and twirling everywhere there is a form of matter or life…leaving its mark behind, saying nothing yet very loud, carrying the voice of others across and beyond; giving voice to the voiceless, the smile, the smile that won’t fade, not with time, no, not with age.

And here I labour, with every muscle of mind and soul and spirit, trying to give birth to an idea on screen. Of course, I have heard the normal nay and ‘yaay’, I have seen the shaking of the head, not a few, and the approval nods, the other idea approach, the stick to the plan talkers….I have seen them all.

So, I come to conclude like Daniel did by the rivers in Babylon, only I could see the vision, and only I could paint it and give it life before anyone else can appreciate it.

A few more stroke of the brush maybe and we will know for sure what it is.

Desmond Ayo Ojumu writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

Image credit; autumn leaves https://fineartamerica.com/featured/autumn-wind-ann-marie-bone.html