Bully death

I’m the death bully.

One time i locked him up in my freezer for two days!

The other night death saw me and ran away….

He’s a coward you know…you just have to stand up to him.

I know you understand. Comment if you like.


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But for your grace Oh Lord, certainly I won’t be here and though there are many people who passed away, some gruesome, brutish, others with grace…

And though there are many in pain somewhere in this big planet….

And though there are many who have no clue who they are…

And though there’s so much decay in this world…

I ask for grace, grace to be able to be your hand in their life…no matter how few they are…

I seek your power to be able to bring sunshine into the lives of those going through a dark night…

Your heart to love them effectively…not some claim but real action…

I’m desperate Lord, there’s so much people living in despair…my heart aches from deep within me…

I know if I could see your eyes I will see tears…tears that humanity have no concept of.

Tears that we are tearing your world apart when you have given us a most precious opportunity…

The chance to bring healing to the world like Jesus did.


Ps: been away for a while. Exam things. You are welcome to post your comments.

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I have made up my mind not to give up no matter how hard. I think you should try it.

Whether Trump is good for us or not or whether we are OK with Brexit or not….Africa needs her heroes.

Nigeria is my adopted problem. The scope is too wide but I won’t relent or repent.

Maybe I will change my mind at some point on some ideas but the goal will remain the same.

How will Nigeria get to the promised land we so want to reach?

The answer remains the same; by putting the young princes ahead.

Who are the young princes? They are leaders in various fields. Visionaries and Missionaries. Guys who will braze the odds and breakdown walls and build bridges.

I live because I believe in this people. And it is my job to bring them together and mould them into a single organism.

I met some yesterday. And I smiled in my heart. We talked of this and of that, but I didn’t tell them what we will soon be about.

We are the children of God and it is our duty to tend to His business.

Nigeria will surely rise. Africa will surely rise. The end will surely come. And all will be well.
I’m writing from Lagos, Nigeria.

PS: I haven’t written in a while. I’m sorry about that. Will tell you all about it soon.

So, here I put the full stop.

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Yeah it’s been a really long while. Been crazily busy. I mean I need to put all my faculties into very pressing matters. Which include an examination, an anniversary, a video feed, some scripts I have dealine for.

Its been a huge drain on me and I’m really sorry for not making a post at all.

This business will continue through December but I promise I will post at least a blog a week.

Thanks all for understanding. Celebrate you!

Its a new month and a new reason to celebrate will come knocking your door in Jesus name!

You will not be part of a life threatening accident, your family and loved ones will be safe and well, killer diseases will not come upon anyone around you!

And peradventure you experiencing a hard time, I join my faith with yours and invite the Divine Trinity to step in and set things in your favour in Jesus name!

Amen and amen. Amen means I agree, so comment amen if you agree with my prayer for you.

Do have a splendid week.

With love.

The three days three quotes challenge, day #3- finale

Today is my third day in the 3 days, 3 quote challenge which i found immensely interesting. I’m super grateful to Meenakshi Sethi for nominating me for this wonderful challenge. Don’t forget to check Meenakshi’s wonderful blog here: https://msethi272.wordpress.com
So for today which is my final day on this challenge I will be sharing with you  my final quote for day 3:

“” If you really want to do a thing you will find a way, if you don’t, you will find an excuse””
My nominees for today are:


Rules of the challenge:

Three quote for three days.

Three nominees each day (no repetition).

Thank the person who nominated you.

Inform the nominees.


Source: Three Days Three Quotes Challenge: #Day 1

Fairness Products Are Creating Racism In Indian Society…

Fairness Products Are Creating Racism In Indian Society…

After I read this piece of truth, I realised that the fight for justice and equity is not limited to Nigeria or Africa alone, it is a global thing. I felt compelled to reblog this.


“Does your daughter have a Fair complexion??

This is what every Indian girl’s parents are asked especially before her wedding.

If any girl has a very fair complexion people ask her, “What cream or beauty products do you apply to look fair?”

These are the questions with which every Indian girl is familiar with. For a few minutes we can’t understand how to react?  Because we are confused about Was that a compliment or not? Should we suppose to thank for it or argue on such a racist comment and that too in a public place?

iStock_000007089669MediumZ.jpgSince my childhood I have been watching fairness cream advertisements. I remember I saw an advertisement which featured a college girl who had lost her confidence because of her dark complexion. She gained it back when her friend advised her to use the fairness cream of that brand.

Suddenly a question popped up in my…

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The three days three quotes challenge, day #2

Today is my second day in the 3 days, 3 quote challenge which Meenakshi Sethi,  don’t forget to check her wonderful here: https://msethi272.wordpress.com
So I will be sharing with you another special quote for day 2:

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.”

           Maya Angelou

My nominees for today are:

Afternoonfied Lady

365 days of Kindness
And again those are three young beautiful ladies 🙂
Rules of the challenge:

Three quote for three days.

Three nominees each day (no repetition).

Thank the person who nominated you.

Inform the nominees.


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