Stormy is the way outta hell #3

I didn’t see the storm approaching…

Its whirling tail tossing everything in its wake…

Its ever widening funnel sucking up the desert wind..

Sucking me closer and closer…

I lost control of my wings…the wind proves too powerful

But not for me

I dove for the tail of the nasty whirlwind…

My feet planted deep in the desert sand…I trudged forward against the massive wind, massive sand thrown about in the lightening swirl…

Aye, soon I reached the tail or it reached me.

I grabbed it and shook it hard

My wings were folder behind my back…but they fluttered violently in the wind of the storm.

The storm reaches his fingers to grab me and wrestle…my grip on his tail becomes harder…

Then it occurred to me that in the storm is an unseen catapult…

At that moment of eureka I let go of his tail!

A blinding swoosh!                               A deafening thunder!

I was high above the clouds… Traveling faster than the speed of light!

Beneath me were the company of pirates who thought they had left me for death…

I spread out my wings…my shadow…a great one…cast over them!

I could see their fear.

A great dragon emerges from the desert storm to consume us all they presumed.

I circled over them like a bird of prey.

My moment has come and they run widely hither thither not knowing where to go…

Fright got hold of them…and I was only warming up for the action. 

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Stormy is the way outta hell #2

Sewing myself a pair of wings.

By night my wings were made. I am the rider of the air. I ate scorpions for dinner. They came at me from the pond but I was faster.

When morning came I waited for the wind but none came. So I took my walk…sighting a mountain ahead…of I could climb the mountain…I would leap from the peak and fly!

And so I did…from the mountain peak I leapt into the hands of the desert wind. And lo…I fly.

High as a hands were tired of lifting the wings but my spirit was high…I got drunk with happiness…I didn’t see the storm approaching…

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Stormy is the way outta hell

They thought they had left me for dead…marooned on a deserted island…in the middle of nowhere.

But I conquered death many years ago…when I dared him to his face and he couldn’t do me nothing…

The island was kind to me…a gentle breeze now and then…the sprinkling of salt water…irritated me enough to get me on my feet…maybe to look for a better spot to bleed out…

Then I realised that if you got irritated enough to wake you up from a sleep like trance in which you were having tea with Mr death…then you should be able to do anything.

So I said to my body…not today. No dying. You healing. You living. And I’m leaving this island.

So I walked gently to the shade…realised it belongs to a tree…a coconut tree.

So I asked the tree to give me one. He obliged…to give me after I threatened to cut down as many as i could…

So I ate the flesh of the coconut and I drank the milk. My wounds begun to heal. My strength restored. 

I knew beyond doubt what I had to do. I knew I had to conquer the ocean. I knew I had to leave the island. And nothing can stop me.

So I walked along the shore and sighted a giant turtle…oh turtle said I…bear me passage to the middle of the sea.

Son of man…said the giant turtle…I do not swim on the surface of the ocean…he answered.

Take me. I said impatiently…for no depth or height…will stop me. No fear of death can stop me.

And off we go. Riding on the back of the giant turtle…we got to the point that Mr Giant Turtle had to go into the ocean…I fell from his back…

Whether he noticed or not…I know not. I floated for a while And then passed the Great whale.

With whom I had no reason to bargain.

Great whale happens to be going exactly in my direction chasing a school of fish. So atop I climbed…my little floating island in the middle of the ocean.

He made me understand that when desire passed into the clarity of focus…nature conspires on your behalf to bring even the constellations to work for you.

And on we went..till we reached the shore of this great desert. Its a desert by the sea or a sea by the desert. Anyways it was deserted.

Apart from I and the clarion birds that called from far…

I was alone. To the north hanged the Star. Dangling in a cloudless sky.

To the west sinks the yellow sun…boiling the sea beyond. You will almost think the sun is the king…but a closer look and you’ll realise how foolish that notion could be.

I knew the north is calling…and my prize awaits me. I am he who conquered death. And the vast ocean. I’m he.

Herons of the air came and pecked about the shoreline. “Help, oh kings of the air, help  me cross the desert” I begged.

Why should mortal birds help a mortal man? They replied. Man it was who made the trees gone….and off they fly.

My strength is leaving me. The day far spent. I will not sleep on this side of the desert I said…alas there’s a tree yonder…by the sea.

There I saw a nest of hawks with a lot of feathers everywhere. There were no hawks there….neither were any eggs there. But in d middle of the nest is a small bag.

I checked the bag and found seven piece of roasted meat…my joy… My strength doubled at the sight of the meat.

I ate my fill. There was water to drink…but I can manage. I packed all the feathers I could see in the bag and off I head into the desert.

The further from the beach I walk the further I came to appreciate the strength of the sun…

By night I came into a rocky plain. There I saw trails of the marauders who left me for dead. Who took my crown. 

There was a well there too. I helped myself to gulps of water. I drank my fill and cleared a space to sleep.

I hadn’t slept much when the sun rose up again and my journey continued. By afternoon…I reached an oasis by which is a small mud house.

I checked the house to find what I may…and among my findings is a needle and plenty of thread. I set down my bag of feathers and went to work…

To be continued…my first post this year.

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