We The Rising Ones

This lovely piece was done by a wonderful friend in India; Meenakshi Sethi. She told me Nigeria is like India too and that it is dreamers and visionary leaders who can make those nations work and reach their destiny.

She writes poetry, the kind that reaches deep into your soul and make what you feel ‘expressable’ knowing that you are not the only one. 

I am reminded of the depth of indian literature each time I visit her site.

You can check her other works on her website: https://msethi272.wordpress.com

We The Rising Ones

We the rising ones

We the Nigerians

Growing, emerging

Coming out of cocoon

We are not

Clumsy tribal chiefdoms

We are warriors

We are dreamers

We make dreams come true

We are people of that nation

Which have beautiful souls

We Nigerians shine like a moon

We are contributers

Our hard work is proof

We will end all disputes

To make our Nigeria

Peaceful and cool

We the Nigerians

We the rising ones.

                       . Meenakshi Sethi.


Nigeria; the rising. Part 2

There is a narrative of a rising Nigeria. Rising out of the murky waters of affliction, corruption, economic mismanagement, traditional rulers who style themselves as leaders. Out of the grime of poverty, malnutrition, infant mortality, child labour, ethnic wars, crime and pervasive ignorance and so on.

I believe in that new Nigeria and I am persuaded that you do too. That is our destiny. We will not sit back and allow vision-less tribal representatives direct our nation. No. We will not sit back and allow those who have repeatedly failed us lead our country. We will not sit back and allow those who have nothing to offer but their personal ambition to be our leader.

It is time our voice is heard. 

It is time our opinion matters.

It is time we synergize with one and another to give birth to the Nigeria of our dreams.

Do you know that young people below 30 years of age make up up to 70% of the total population of Nigeria. I am talking about 105 million young people. This 105 million people are the future of Nigeria. And the responsibility of transforming this nation rests on you and I.

Therefore we will not rest. We will not sleep. We will not relent until policies that have young people in mind are executed. Therefore we must rise and speak out. Not only that we must begin to think and create a personal plan to realise your Nigeria of the future.

We are Nigerians, we are the rising ones.

Lend your voice to the movement.

I am calling on you, you reading this work this very moment, I call on you to rise to the task. I call on you to get up and bring out the ideas buried within you.

I calm on you to use your gifts, your talents, your ideas to solve the problems of Nigeria.

We have come to a time where government can’t help us (even they need help). We must work on a strategy to revolutionise our country.

We don’t want the Arab spring scenario, no, we want a new kind of revolution. One that will echo till the end of time.

So rise up young Nigerian. You are brilliant. You are talented. You are a champion. You are a warrior. Its time to dare the lions den and retrieve our destiny.

I call on you to rise and be the difference.

Join the movement.


#GreatNigeria #DesmondDominance

From Nigeria to the Nigeria

Its time we make our transit. Its time we move from here to where we ought to be. First before we move we must first know where we are going, cause that’s what determines our direction.

Where we are right now is not as important as where we can be, as where we ought to be.

In case you don’t know I’m talking about Nigeria. And by Nigeria I’m not referring to this clumsy exaggerated tribal chiefdoms, an excuse for a country passed down to us by colonial masters. A master plan of abuse and dehumanization, executed with sheer wickedness and precision which is largely based on our ignorance.

No, I’m not talking about that country where nothing seems to be working, where corruption is celebrated and whistle blowers are indicted. A place where natural resources is celebrated over human resources, where locals destroy their own land in the name of justice. Where politics of opposition is considered an enemy of state by a party that was once in opposition.

No, that’s not the object of my discuss.

The Nigeria I’m talking about is a different one. A place that is beyond our dreams. A possibility that we can make a reality.

Think about it for a moment. What will you do if you have the opportunity to make the new Nigeria emerge from this old one? What will you do to transform this old country into the pride of nations?
Enough of the blame game. Nobody ever fixed anything by throwing blames around. Things get fixed when we get our hands dirty. Things get fixed when we get our minds working. 

We need Nigeria and Nigeria needs us. Yes us. The young, the old the women and the men. All of us have to come together to make it work.

After all the colours are stripped away, and the marks are gone, and we speak one language and face one God before whom we will give account, then we will know that before anything, we are all humans.

And that’s what matters in Nigeria. Nigeria needs her human resources to transform Her. Nigeria need you to transform yourself so you could transform your family, neighborhood and country. Nigeria need you to reform the evil system.

To make our institutions strong and to work.

You need to rise to the call for patriots. You need to wake up. There is a call for you. No matter who you are, what you do, what you have done or where you are from. Nigeria needs you.

We need to rise up and power up and change other peoples lives.

Because at the end, that’s what matters. The smiles we left on the face of others.

That’s impact. The impact we need to begin to make right now.

Hey, fellow Nigerians! No more sitting on the fence, no more arguing by the newsstands, no more waiting to hear the worst. No more circulation of conspiracy theories.

Let’s pray like it all depend on God and work like it all depends on us.

Cause in the end, God who is your  judge will ask you; what was your impact in Nigeria?What was your contribution to your fatherland?

So let’s get up and work.

#independence #Nigeria

Nigeria; the rising |part 1

The cynics say we can’t. That it is impossible for us to have a complete turnaround. But we don’t listen to them anymore. We never listened to them. We were only polite.

The cynics thought we are ‘wishers’. We are not. We are staunch believers. We are game changers. We get out hands dirty. We damn the consequence.

The cynics wants Nigeria to split in different directions. They thought that will make us better. What they forgot is that the same people who who are leading us now, have entrenched themselves in the local fronts. That those same people pushing us to split are the people who will still colonise us on our little chiefdoms. Talk of neo colonisation.

I can’t understand them. That they have lost touch with reality is no longer a news…but the extent of their disorientation is baffling.

The world is talking of globalisation and we are talking of little chiefdoms. Shame.

We keep telling them our problem has been a lack of direction. A lack of creativity. A lack of vision.

We told them; that our solution is within us. That we will provide the nation with vision. After all we represent the voice of the future.

We told them what we will do is to show the people the way to freedom and to provide them with motivation to get there.

We told them what we can do is pressurise those that make law to make laws and amend laws that will help us get to where we are headed.

We are not afraid. We will embrace new ideas. But our mission is the same.

If you say you believe in the #GreatNigeria they will think you are nuts.

We we are indeed nuts. We are visionaries.

Are you one of us?


The hurt-back tendency

Sometimes you wonder how ordinary situations degenerates into turbulent scenarios, how a little consideration of the other fellow could have made a different impact and created a different story.

We can be real funny sometimes. Here is John, he is 22, and he is fond of making funny errors. Its not like he loves making those errors but they just happen. One moment he is right and the next moment, he has done something awful.

Nancy is 19, she is John’s younger  sister and she isn’t like that. I mean, she makes mistakes too but, it doesn’t happen often. There was this time that John did something really nasty and Nancy wanted to cover up for him, but first needed to let him know his mistake so he could correct himself in the future.

The moment Nancy said see what you did wrong John said “OK, but you use to do this other stuff too and its wrong”

Its true that when people are confronted with their wrongs and faults they get angry. We say people don’t like the truth. Everybody wants to be right in their own right. This is the meaning of chaos. Now the world has patented the technology of telling people what they like to hear. I won’t.

Why do people respond to valid accusation by accusing back?

I see it everywhere. I have been there too. In fact that’s how I got to realise it happens.

If you say to me this is what you did wrong, I will say to you see what you did wrong too.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Truth hurts because its true. Accepting the truth is the key to conforming to the truth and becoming better.

When I realise this my flaw. I paused. I began to talk to myself. I began to program my mind to accept the truth others say about me without throwing back their own fault at them.

It gets worse in relationships. When both sides are busy pointing faults and throwing blames its hard for relationship to last.

Sometimes people say false things about you to you as your wrong. I am not saying you should accept that (but you don’t have to make noise of it either). When confronted with the truth, it is wise to accept it.

John could have thanked Nancy without pointing out Nancy’s fault at that time.

You don’t have to hold peoples fault up your sleeves so you can play it against them in time of conflicts. We are meant to make others better by showing them solutions to their flaws.

So when confronted with a bitter truth, do you get hurt? Do you throw tantrums? Do you throw back a hurt knife? Or do you accept it and move forward?

Life is easier when your perception is broader, more easier when you relates with people whose perception is broadened.

Share with others. Please add comments.

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Why you shouldn’t stay long in Depression alley

Say no to pity parties, and all the other accolades that come with it. You need no pampering, you are strong. 

The moment you accept that feeling of loss or sadness, or rejection, or whatever it is that sucks life and vitality out of your mind and body, that moment you accept weakness.

Everyone gets depressed at one point or the other. And that’s why we need motivation.

One speaker I admire said that everyone is responsible for their own motivation.

Leave no room for depression.

Yes when sadness comes enjoy the moment if you may. Learn from it if you may. Use it to your advantage if you may but don’t let it reside with you. Don’t allow it to live in you.

I no longer strive to be happy because happiness has become my ‘laugh’ style.

Some situations could be very depressing, but then you need the message in it. Taking that message and working out the meaning is your way out of the dark valley.

Depression is an alley, so don’t wait there. Don’t pass time there. Pass through it as quickly as you can.

You are the next great phenomenon so don’t blow it sulking. So with all due respect get a grip.

I remember back when I live in depression alley, I wanted to be pampered. I needed all the attention but there was no one to give it to me. My friend do tell me repeatedly “D’ get a grip and stop all this”

Its not because he didn’t understand but because he knew I couldn’t function if I don’t relieve myself of the pain and hurt and sadness.


And that’s when I realised that pain is not tangible. Sadness has no substance except you give it to it. So I wallow a little in the pain, enjoy the “sorrys” if they come. But I know its ultimately me, who will decide to remain in the pain or move out of it and make the most of my life.

No matter how bad your story might be yours is not the worst. So be thankful and mourn within a limited time frame and get back to working out your life to make the most mark in the world.

So don’t blow your chance.


Finding “Me”

​Finding “Me”

Me is an infinite concept.

Me is a dream, a passion, a vision, a pursuit.

Me is not the corporeal, or what you can see with the eyes, me is beyond eyesight. Its more about foresight.

Me is an evolution. A revolution, a gradual but rapid process to actualization of self.

Me is a force, soul-spirit, the intangible that gives substance to tangibles.

Me is beyond my body. Me knows that where I am today is a journey to where I’m meant to be.

Me is not about who I am but about who I could be, no, who I’m meant to be.

Me is the clothing of the naked kids, feeding of hungry kids in war torn countries.

Me is the difference the world needs to be whole again. Me is the solution the world is yearning for.

So I’m on a journey to finding me. To meeting myself.

When I eventually meets me, I will congratulate myself, but then I will know that I have just begun, cause there’s more to me than anything I could ever achieve, see or become.

Love your comments always.

#DesmondDominance #me