How to have a rough week

​How to have a rough week

Its starts on Saturday night. Its raining lightly somewhere in Lagos. You were preparing for Sunday in your mind, especially as you are meant to give the word during Sunday morning service in your local assembly.

So the rain begins, creating enough pool on your roof to leak through the cracks which trickle down, drop off the ceiling and lands near your bed with a enough force to send splashes on your bed.

At first you didn’t notice. But later on it became clear that something is out tonight, especially tonight, to disrupt your sleep. You are resolved not to give in. So you continued to sleep.

The little splashes on your bed soon became enough to create the “there’s water on my bed” feeling, and the “oh God! I’m gonna drown” feeling. The rain wasn’t gonna stop anytime soon, it has made up its mind to mess up your night, but you too have determined not to give in.

So you move to another room in the house, a much larger, in short the conference room, full of stacked chairs.

Now, add the benefit of living in downtown Lagos, Nigeria. As Mark Zuckerberg may not realize, many areas in Lagos are depressed and water logged. And I’m fortunate enough to live in such an area, at least for now.

So, the rain refuses to stop, you sleep in the open all night, and twisting and turning all night, unable to sleep the sleep you were so determined to sleep.

Along came morning, you sat up on a chair praying all your anger away.

Then along came the day, with further rain. The ground water, now full, begins to seep through the floor into your house and rooms and hall. At first very little, you mobilise people to scoop it. But the rain is determined to ruin your day too so it kept pouring and the trickle became…!

That’s it. Flood.

Everybody panics. You maintained your calm. You ain’t not going to allow this one thing stop you from enjoying the day.

After service, somebody you worked for refuses to pay you your wage. So your plan to surprise your girlfriend can’t happen again. The fellow actually said he didn’t plan to pay you despite your agreement.

Again, you maintained your cool. The world hasn’t stopped revolving. And the rain hasn’t stopped falling either.

By the time you returned to your house, guess what? All the rooms have been flooded.

Thank heavens you anticipated this and have moved all important stuffs above sea level (so to speak). But now, where do you stay tonight?

Assume you are also accommodating a friend who also needs a place to weather the flood. So you contacted a friend nearby so as to stay in his place all night and he says yes. You stayed in his very little room and spent an uncomfortable night (what with cats meowing and running around at night?!)

Let me remind you that most domestic cats in Lagos are not favoured. Most have become rather wild, nocturnal, hunting at night, and scaring people, especially those who believe witches use them for astral travel (I’m part of those who think that’s true).

Anyway, the uncomfortable night passes with you postponing your blog post out of weariness.

Then comes Monday morning, you did your tweetcast one hour behind schedule. You started moving up and down Lagos and in between you couldn’t post your blogs, especially the promised MoonGhost episode 3. And now the fourth episode is due.

Well, you bailed the water manually, the pumping machine got broken. And then comes Tuesday through Wednesday and you just have enough peace to write about it.

But, you are resolved to make something great out of it.


PS: The rise of the Motemba continues on MoonGhost tomorrow. Your comments on this blog are appreciated. Thank you.

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Moon Ghost: episode 2; 

The rise of the Motemba continues.

Moon Ghost: the rise of the Motemba

 Episode 2

2. Ayen Dass. Year 212 Arkfell
Of all the Motemba that I know, Arena is considered to be the most foolish.

This is a man with charms, darker than night eyes, skin, hair. A wanderer who has visited the ancient sites of Egypt and Mecca, who has been to Ethiopia and the original Sudan, who has even visited the nation of Israel.

He makes me go mad.

In the almost 200 years of his existence, ( he was born in the sixteenth Arkfell year) he has ventured more than any living man had dared. Especially in an era where traveling is a most dangerous adventure.

Who doesn’t want to see the world. I certainly do. But I am not ready to waste my 150 years of experience on some fancy journey north.


We were at the Kanuri bar outside Ayen Dass. It is a ramshackle kiosk, they serve root wine in ivory cups. Those who knew the story said the city was part of a city known as Kano, but it is now a kraldom of the Dass clans.

We sat there sipping our roots tea. Waiting for a battle which might probably be the beginning of a war.

The Kraldom of west Sudan, the newly formed nation to the south is an ambitious one. It seeks to have all the cities on this part of the equator on her retinue. Something the city Krals objected to. But Layeti Nofi is such an overlord that does not accept a simple “no”, except it comes at the price of blood and pieces of human flesh and bones.

The cities have worked hard to build themselves, to be havens of peace and security, to keep the remembrance of human humanity amidst the worldwide anarchy and chaos. Yet some warlords thought its a really wonderful idea to consolidate all the cities into one Kraldom.

Ayen Dass and her people will rather fight than surrender leadership to Layeti Nofi.

Reports already has it that the armies of the overlord are already marching up north.

I am ready, like everyone else to fight and die for this city. After all it was the only city that accepted my mother and I a hundred years ago. And it was here that I met Arena, my friend.

“There will certainly be a battle” I said, not looking up from my cup. The thick dark substance is bitter, but it’s not as bitter as the gloom that looms over the city.

Arena chuckled.

“Don’t worry Young, the Dass clans and the confederacy they have built won’t let us down” he said.

“You talk as though you are certain of what they will do”

“Nobody wants war, not when some of us can live this long and others can’t. It is in their interest to defend us. If we fall, they are next.”

“Yes yes yes, so have the elders argued. But where’s the Confederates war machines, they haven’t even held the war council. No wonder Nofi marches north with utmost confidence.”

Arena laughed again as though nothing I had said made sense. Surely he knows something that I do not know.

“Don’t make it sound like today is a day of doom” he said with his usual silly smile.

“Today is a gloomy day of doom! For the first time in fifty years we are being attacked!”

There was silence. He wasn’t smiling anymore. I made it look as if it was his fault that Nofi is coming our way.

“After this business, I am traveling again to the north” he said looking at me.

“The north is a big country”

“I am visiting the Ark this time” he declared.

I laughed. It was not just a painfully funny idea, it is stupid and foolish and dangerous!

“Even if you cross the death zone” I said “how will you reach the ark? Its been underwater for over two hundred years”

“Yeah I know” he replied, his smile coming back to his face. Whenever he smiles like this, its too late to change his mind. “I have to go. If I don’t do this, our problem will be bigger than Nofi, and the entire earth will once again fight to breath.”

“Its a suicide mission” said I.

“Yeah I know”

That’s why I said Arena is most foolish when you compare him with the rest of the known Motemba. And he is my friend.

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Till we appear on the other side

Till we appear on the other side…

This side we are tired of. This side we are sick of. On this side, our dreams were born…. Dreams of the other side.

On this side our life reeled past, leaving in the sand traces of blood, bits of skin, broken tooth…broken lives…there’s only one option left; to go on to the other side.

On this side we forgo our broken dreams, broken promises, broken loves, broken moments. On this side we learnt not to trust, yet we have a persistent urge to trust.

On this side, we have regrets that won’t go away no matter how much we wish them away. We have in the regrets bits of our lives that brought us to this point.

On this side, there’s only one place left to see…visions of the other side.

Some say let go. Let go of the past. But the past is a fuel driving us into the future. Yes, we will forgive, but we won’t forget. We won’t forget how we got here, and we won’t forget that which motivates us to move, into the other side.

Till we appear on the other side and tell our stories in verse and prose. Till we appear on the other side and laugh at the moments when our hearts were broken, now healed.

Till we appear on the other side smiling again with wrinkled grins and sad eyes. Eyes that have seen a great deal of tale under the sky. Till we appear on the other side where our dreams are remade and ready, where our hopes are reborn and energetic…

We won’t allow for despair, we won’t give up on our right to stay hopeful, believing there’s a good chance we get to see the good land, a good chance we get to the other side.

Moon Ghost

Whatever you think you know about reality is about to change

1. Year 212 Arkfell

Pardon me, sojourner, for my tale-telling gift lack in embellishment.

Since the year the Ark fell, splitting the sky in shards, when a thousand stars exploded in the sky and streaks of fire could be seen traveling in all directions across the sky. Its been a little over 200 years.

I was not born then, but of those that survived the carnage of the Ark of death which fell from the moon; I am a testimony of the resilience of mankind and our ability to adapt. I only pray it holds in this most trying times.

When the Ark fell, it was in a place they called Tunis, by the sea, in the north. The impact of the gigantic ark wiped out not only cities but almost all of the nations around the great sea of the north. Leaving some islets to the east, and the straights, and farther north and the isles. But not for long.

For great mists issued from the Ark, clouds they were, traveling all over the world, a scourge spread everywhere it goes, killing mankind in hundreds of millions. No drug, no, scientists and men of knowledge fall fast, governments and nations wiped clean.

The world was almost cleansed of mankind. The end of the world as it used to be.

Those that survived the scourge became the progenitors of a new race of men. The Motemba. Their children were the perfection of humanity.

I am one of them. As I was a hundred years ago, when I became forty, I am now.


Please comment. I’m writing straight here. Uncut. The next episode will come up on Thursday. I will be posting Moon Ghost twice in a week. 🙂

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a wonderful satutday I had yesterday.

It was at Montgomery street, Yaba, Lagos.

It was a very wonderful time we had. Discussions that have been cooking in my heart for a while we had.

When Kenny, a friend I met recently, invited me for this meeting I told him I’m interested immediately.

That was because, I have seen what he does, and these are stuffs close to my heart.

I got there and discovered that many of us had to sacrifice out other engagements that day to be at the meeting. One had to miss her very dear friends wedding (and she was supposed to be on the bridal train!)!

She said it right: it is a matter of life and death.

At the meeting we discussed how to save lives, lives around us, lives perishing. We need to do something, to reduce the pain of the next generation.

We started by taking a preview of Prince Ea’s “everybody dies but not everybody lives”.

It was the setting for our discussion, how we are going to make other peoples dream come true.

We time traveled and relived the past a little. We brought up scenarios and got solutions.

Solutions that when perfected will recreate the next generation and make the world a better place.

This is about the You-initiative.

My battle with inconsitency

Its ongoing but I’m winning. Its tough. It takes a great toll on me.

Sometimes I take a step forward in the right direction and find myself completely at the back wondering how I got there.

Its so bad that I have about ten unfinished books, that my bro told me were great ideas. Every time we are chanced to talk, he never fails to remind me of my supposedly great stories that were never completed.

I have started several blogs that I have to suspend them later as I had lost track of them.

Inconsistency cripples talent.

You can have lofty dreams, if you don’t know how to discipline yourself to do what you have to do when you to do them, they will remain pipe dreams.

At first, I attacked my writing, thinking that is where the problem was. But I was wrong.

 I fought those who termed me names such as ‘un-finisher’ you are a sanguine, oh, I still hate to hear those words.

But as I grew and learn to control myself more, I realise that I’m a finisher, I only to keep myself motivated, by all means.

I learnt that not being consistent is not my only trait. That I am resilient, powerful, courageous, caring, thohghful, inspiring, fun…

So, I will tame this one sprout, I will twist it around till it fulfils my dreams.

If you are fighting the same battle, do let me know. 


Imagine time timeless, without limits without bounds….
Imagine your time here on this blue planet…
Imagine the life you can have in timelessness….
Imagine the life you can live with this time…
Imagine the Mind that created time….imagine what He had in mind while making you.